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Tuesday, 17 September, 2019
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Fusemachines AI Fellowship-Third Edition is Back with a Bang!

Fusemachines is now accepting applications for the AI Fellowship Program 2019 in Nepal.

Fusemachines, a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence solutions, software and services, proudly announces the launch of 2019 AI Fellowship in Nepal, third edition. The fellowship serves as leading edge, tuition-free program providing college seniors, computer science or applied mathematics degree holders with access to academic and professional opportunities in the field of AI.

Fusemachines has been investing its efforts for the democratization of AI, launching programs like Fusemachines AI Fellowship. At a time when AI is reshaping our lives, if we want everyone to benefit from the development, resource center for Artificial Intelligence technology in Nepal should be cultivated and made reachable.

With platform as AI Fellowship, Fusemachines is here to prove that Nepalese software engineers can compete with any engineers in the world if resources as study materials, on-site guidance and, mentorship from Al experts with industry knowledge are made accessible. 

The Fellowship in short

The year-long program aims to nurture the selected participants and expose them to the highly competitive AI industry by giving access to academic and professional opportunities in the field.


  • In-depth training in Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and
    Neural Networks technology.
  • Self-paced, few group sessions and individual learning.
  • Duration:
  1. 12 months, 4 courses (3 month each)
  2. 20 hours per week 

Who should apply:

  1. Seniors or recent grads (bachelor’s degree) from Computer Science or Applied Mathematics streams with programming experience.

Program Benefits

  1. Guidance and mentorship from Al experts with industry knowledge. Tuition-free program with access to academic and professional opportunities in the field.
  2. Opportunity to develop applications of Al that address real-world problems in healthcare, mobility communications.
  3. Join a global network of fellows and Al practitioners.
  4. Obtain a MicroMasters from Columbia University, and become eligible for credits towards the Master's degree in Computer Science.

Apply Now: https://www.fusemachines.com/ai-fellowship/

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