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Friday, 23 August, 2019

THREAT CON 2018 - Nepal's First Hackers' Convention

THREAT CON, a two day international cybersecurity convention, is being organised by this November 22nd and 23rd at The Annapurna Hotel, Durbarmarg, Kathmandu.

This is the first of its kind, a series of annual international security conventions similar to the famous Black Hat and DEF CON conferences. This community event is managed by socially driven ICT professionals forum (from diverse ICT sector), Society for Information Technology, Nepal(SICT Nepal) and ThreatNix, a tight knit group of experienced security professionals who are committed to provide competent cybersecurity solutions. With the necessity of this event at present context of Nepal, NPNOG, NPIX, CAN Federation, Internet Society Chapter Nepal, have tied up for the success of the event.

It is well known that Nepal lacks proper practices of cybersecurity and its security posture is remarkably poor.

Threat Report 2017 which provided a detailed overview on the cybersecurity status of Nepali cyberspace, depicted quite an abysmal state of security in Nepal.

Constant defacements(web attack) of both private and public Nepali domains, the large scale financial attacks and cyber heist detailed in the report are all consequences of a weak security posture. Nepal seems to be now considered a lucrative target by resourceful international cyber criminals who are conducting cyber-attacks with marked modern innovation.

While the attacks are getting more and more sophisticated, development of our security practices seems stagnant. As such, the need for development of cybersecurity and qualified professionals in the field are quite apparent. So to bring about a radical development in the field of cybersecurity THREAT CON 2018 is being organised. The event is intended as a platform that will enable the assimilation of international cybersecurity community, practices, trends and research with Nepali cybersecurity practising community in order to develop the community.

 The event will be bringing like-minded security practitioners and enthusiasts together and will also be involving developers, network and system administrators, IT professionals including government officials so that they can get a better understanding on cybersecurity practices, its nuances, current developments in the field and their applications.

The main aim of the conference is to fuel the growth of cybersecurity community in Nepal by providing them an accessible platform which was not previously available where they can mingle with seasoned professional from all around the world and learn from them.

The two day event will feature an insightful keynote speech from Matt Suiche, a famous hacker and entrepreneur along with a diverse mixture of various other interactive activities: paper presentation/talks sessions, hands on workshops on various cybersecurity topics, panel discussions from domain experts, Capture the flag (CTF) competitions, live demonstration of new tools/projects from researchers in the arsenal session and live bug bounty sessions.

Cybersecurity experts from countries like USA, Russia, Romania, India, Germany and Dubai representing organizations like Google, Kaspersky, BitDefender and OWASP will be presenting cutting-edge research papers and conducting workshop at the event.

The secure coding workshop by Jim Manico, is a highly intensive and interactive workshop provides essential application security training for web application and webservice developers. The bug bounty workshop provides insight into the art and science of effective bug hunting. Seasoned professional in the field of bug bounty will instruct on proven approaches that ensure successful bug hunting campaign.

In arsenal, security researchers and developers will showcase their new and innovative open-source security tools in front of a huge gathering of fellow researchers, experts and enthusiasts. It provides both researchers and audiences a unique chance of learning from each other and sharing insights.

The CTF competitions will have various challenges that will test the participants on their knowledge of hacking. The event will also have a unique kind of CTF that deals with gathering information about missing persons using OSINT which can help locate them. This goes beyond just CTF challenges and has significant real world applications by helping find missing persons.

In live bug bounty sessions, participants will be provided live targets of various companies where they search for bugs and vulnerabilities where hackers get rewarded for any valid bugs they report in the target. The reported bugs will be evaluated immediately, triaged and rewarded accordingly.

For ticket registrations and further information about the event visit: threatcon.io

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