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WordCamp Nepal 2014, sponsor details

WordCamps are casual, locally-organized conferences covering everything related to WordPress, the free and open source personal publishing software that powers over 75 million sites on the web.

WordCamps include sessions on how to use WordPress more effectively, beginning plugin and theme development, advanced techniques, security, etc. More importantly, WordCamps are a place to find common minds, network with fellow WordPressers, find clients, find developers and sometimes even partners! Since building WordPress community in Nepal, we have seen many startups based on WordPress and some even growing to a bigger companies (some of whom are sponsoring this WordCamp). Who knows, you might as well find someone and build that next fortune 500 company!

Our Sponsor and supporters are as follows :

Bronze Sponsor — WoxWeb Pvt. Ltd.

Wox IT

WoxWeb Pvt. Ltd. is an IT Factory where productivity, quality and customer satisfaction are the main pillars. Apart from web services, WoxWeb specializes in creative design and internet marketing. They believe that the foundation of every organization’s growth begins and ends with customer retention and new client acquisition.

WoxWeb team is an inexhaustible source of innovation, technical and creative genius. The leadership team brings operations, business strategy and profitability to the front of every project scope. The caring culture is contagious. Their culture breeds success, lifestyle and fulfillment. Their clients feel like they have been born into a family of people who care deeply and strive to always give more value than is expected along with an ingrained focus on results.

Bronze Sponsor — Ekbana Solutions Pte. Ltd.


EKbana is a startup with a robust team of web & mobile enthusiasts. They offer creative and cost effective solutions for web design and development, web-based applications, mobile applications, and mobile QA. With delivery teams in Tokyo, Beijing and Kathmandu, they take pride in providing quality services to clients globally. EKbanas’ vision is to provide complete Information Technology Solutions with best design and web engineering practice.

Silver Sponsor — Proshore Nepal


Proshore Nepal is a Software development company established in 2009. They specialize in developing secure & user friendly websites, web shops, web applications and mobile applications of high quality. As a CMS, Proshore Nepal loves WordPress and its wide varieties of plugins. Not only they use WordPress to develop clients’ projects but they also run Styled Themes—a WordPress theme shop, where users can find the generic theme to match the need of your next WP project.

Stay updated about Proshore Nepal’s products, news, events by following them at Twitter and Facebook.

Silver Sponsor — Web Experts Nepal


Web Experts Nepal (or WE Nepal or WEN) is a WordPress solutions provider company encompassing the works related to design, development, programming. The company is driven by its able co-workers, in an attempt to make the World and the Web a better place – more interactive, more creative and more presentable. With WordPress powering the Company’s 90% of work – on web design, theme development, plugins development – WEN has been able to create a niche market, particularly on the web job portals and a stature in the eyes of global web-based clients. WENs’ visions are to become a successful brand that continually works for betterment, provide the best and support the manifest. Their goals are to live up to the name of our very company and to forever strive to be Web Experts.

Silver Sponsor – Catch Themes


Catch Themes is a WordPress Theme Shop and focuses on minimalist, elegant and content-rich designs. Operating since 2012, Catch Themes is increasingly focused on helping a diverse range of users – students, professionals, businesses, personal bloggers and photographers – showcase themselves on the web. Catch Themes comprises of a team of young enthusiastic WordPress lovers who have put their heads together to produce remarkable WordPress Themes. They work with a simple belief that users should be able to access the best possible WordPress Themes to create their web pages and hence working for the same since day one!

Gold Sponsor – AccessPress Themes


AccessPress Themes (a venture of Access Keys) – is an online WordPress store, that creates beautiful and useful WP stuff. We love WordPress, Open Source and love to give back something useful and valuable to the awesome community! AccessPress Themes create things with passion, their themes/plugins are crafted with years of experience.

Let us all thank AccessPress Themes and like their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter.

Platinum Sponsor – Code Pixelz Media


And we have our very first Sponsor for WordCamp Nepal 2014! Thank you Code Pixelz Media for coming forward and supporting WordCamp as a Platinum Sponsor!

Code Pixelz Media is a team that loves WordPress. Having worked in the field for some years, CodePixelz found love in the most amazing CMS ever. A team that is young, cheerful, pro-active and enthusiastic. At Code Pixelz Media every WordPress project that comes up is a new found love. Not limited to client’s projects, as a part of giving back to the community, they have started creating plugins and themes and are active on the forums as well.

Let us all Thank Code Pixelz Media for supporting this community and this event. We should all know that without sponsors, we will not be able to organize WordCamp. Don’t forget to check Code Pixelz blog, facebook and twitter. Lot of giveways out there. :)


Thank you so much to you all Sponsor and supporter.  – WordCamp Nepal




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